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Deck Builders Cincinnati
Deck Builders Cincinnati

Dear Aspiring Building Contractor,

You have worked hard to become an outdoor living spaces contractor
(AKA an artist with a tool belt) and now you have an amazing opportunity
to showcase your unparalleled talents, have fun and make cash all at the same time!!!

Are you seeking employment with a busy outdoor living
construction company (serving Cincinnati, Ohio)?

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When I Show Up for The Construction Job Interview – What Should I Wear?


Your clothing should be clean, professional, and make a great first impression. We realize you know that a suit and tie is too much for a construction job interview; however, you wonder what clothing is best.

Keep It Easy

Do not go overthink it. Look in your closet and find what you feel looks right. A clean pair of jeans and a button-down shirt is okay.

Clean Your Shoes or Boots

Unless you have nothing else to wear, you should not wear jeans with rips, tears, holes, or stains. Be sure your shoes or boots are not caked with mud, wear a belt so your pants are not falling.

Your Appearance Says A Lot About You

Construction workers know the work is messy. However, on the day of the interview, it is important to have an overall clean look to demonstrate you are a professional (you are representing the company).

Breath Mints Really Help!

If you smoke, be sure to pop in several breath mints before you enter for your interview (this can be a big help for those you are meeting with).


Clean, combed hair (head & beard) and clean hands.

Be Clean

Poor hygiene makes a terrible first impression.

Remember: if you are hired for the job, you are representing Building Character and so the way you show up for the job interview could be the reason you do not get hired.


Construction Jobs Cincinnati