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Before You Hire Any Cincinnati Outdoor Living Contractor Read This....

Things to Do Before Hiring An
Outdoor Living Spaces Contractor

Hiring a professional outdoor living spaces contractor in Cincinnati can be a chore if you don’t know what to look for and what to ask. There are some things that you should do and know before hiring a commercial and/or home contractor. Here are some suggestions to assist in hiring a quality, expert contractor.

Here's what you need to know:

Check Their County (State) Contractor Certifications and Insurance

Ensure they have the proper qualifications to complete whatever work needs to be done. In addition, they should also be insured. You want to ensure safety for your business, employee, and/or family. The contractor will be doing unsupervised work. This is the first step when considering a contractor. In other words, “Are they up to code?” (not just some “I will give it a try.” weekend handyman).

Make No Exceptions

This protects you and the contractor in case of accidental damage or injury to anyone near the project site. You should ask for the documentation for this vital information and follow up by verifying the information by calling the Hamilton County licensing authority.

Ask for References

To ensure that you are hiring a reputable contractor, ask for references and call them. It might seem intimidating to call a reference, but people will be happy to talk to you about their project.

Check Online Rating Sites Such As Google, BBB or Angie's List

Reading verified reviews about an outdoor living addition contractor’s relationship with past clients indicates how well you might get along with them. Online rating sites can give you a lot of information. Not only about how pleased clients are with their work, but you can also get insight into how the Contractor handles controversy.

Get Multiple Contracting Company Quotes

You should get quotes and information from multiple contractors to get the best contractor deal possible. Compare their past projects, reference information, pricing, and your overall feelings about how well they understood your vision for the project at hand. Remember that choosing a contractor should never come down to price.

Interview the Contractor

While your entire project certainly doesn’t weigh solely on how much you like your contractor, your result will always be better if you find someone you can work with and understand your plans. You want to interview each contractor and discuss your plans to understand which contractor will be best suited to completing your project.

Getting Along with the Contractor

Getting along with your contractor might seem like a small detail, but it is essential, considering that you will likely spend much time together. Your ability to communicate and work well together could affect the outcome of your project. If you get a bad vibe during the interview process or don’t like them, it’s okay to say no.

Know Your Project

Do your research and learn the steps involved in your project. Then when you are discussing your project, you can have a good idea of whether the contractor knows what he or she is talking about and whether they have a good feel for what you want. Research similar project criteria to understand the appropriate timeline, supplies, and skills needed for your project before interviewing a contractor. The better you know your project, the better you can help your contractor complete a successful project.

A successful outdoor living spaces project is greatly influenced by the right contractor. You should only contract with someone who understands your vision for the outcome of your project as well as someone who will treat you fairly and do good work.

It will be worth the extra effort and research to ensure that you are hiring the right contractor.

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Outdoor Living Services Cincinnati
Outdoor Living Services Cincinnati
Outdoor Living Services Cincinnati

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The crew that removed our old deck and built the new one were amazingly talented in their craft and committed the work being completed within a week, despite days of cold and rainy weather. We are not sure they took lunch beaks. The men conferred with us, every step of the way, to ensure the construction details were exactly what we had in mind. There was the utmost respect for our property, and the clean up and haul away was both quick and complete. The price point was very reasonable. We love our gorgeous new deck!” -Pauline M. (Verified BBB Review)


We searched for over a year to find the right builder to create our deck and porch. We found Jared and Jennifer with Building Character and they transformed our blank patio into a beautifully designed and built deck and screened porch! Their work on the design made the deck blend beautifully with our house. Their crew was great—they worked to assure our our every need was met even though the weather was very uncooperative. Their level of attention to detail was wonderful — even the most picky home owner (my wife) was ecstatic!! We would definitely recommend Building Character to anyone looking to build a deck or porch for their home. Thank you Jared, Jennifer, Tim, Josh, Rob (birthday boy) and Justin—it took a team to complete our dream and that’s just what you all are—an excellent TEAM!!!” Dan and Jean Wojtkiewicz (Verified Google Review)