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We specialize in building and installing beautiful retaining walls.

You are landed here in search of a legitimate retaining wall contractor, and now you are in the right place! We provide retaining walls for residential and commercial properties.

Each solution we provide goes through customization procedures to suit your needs and nicely enhance your property’s appeal.

However, before investing in our service, we recommend going through this page. It will help you learn more about the nature of our services and the guarantees that we provide:

Retaining Wall Contractor

Who Are We?

Jared and Jennifer are the owners of Building Character LLC, and they created this company to provide helpful retaining wall solutions in and around Cincinnati.

We are one of Cincy’s leading retaining wall contractors, and we provide specialized retaining walls to fit different projects. Our walls guarantee many years of longevity and quality.

However, the wall’s longevity also depends on various factors such as the groundwater conditions and the soil. It also relates to the conditions on your property and the season of the year.

We have worked through countless retaining wall projects, and we know what it takes to give you value. Regardless of your environmental or operational challenges, you can rely on our team to provide helpful solutions.

What are Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are specialized structures that can support the soil in your property in a lateral position. Such a unique position helps retain the soil in your property at varying levels in two sections. Usually, these walls feature structures that restrain soil on sloppy areas that would not naturally provide the same stability.

The walls help to bound soils between varying elevations levels, which often exist in terrains of your property with unwanted slopes. The walls are also applicable for areas that require unique shaping and engineering for activities such as farming.

A retaining wall helps to provide a stable barrier for the soil and helps to safeguard the usability of a specific area of your property.

At Building Character LLC, we will provide you with customized retaining wall solutions. We take the correct design and installation procedures to guarantee excellent results. Our team realizes the unique factors that create a good wall, such as gravity, the angle, and lateral earth pressure.

Our Guarantees

Below are some of the service guarantees we provide when you place an order for our services:

Fast Responses

We know consumers’ value behind a professional team that can answer customer requests fast. It’s the reason why we have a dedicated team of staff members available to address your queries. We recommend you give us a direct phone call to speak directly to a customer support member. You can also send us our contractors an email if you have any feedback or queries about our service.

Professional Staff Members

An essential aspect of our service is highly professional staff members. They go through extensive training, and we pre-select them based on specific factors. Some of these factors include their work ethic, experience, and professionalism. Using this approach ensures that you are sure your property is always in the hands of reliable individuals. With such a unique team, each retaining wall project we handle comes with satisfaction guarantees. We are only eligible for payment once the client is satisfied with the results. Our team is also available for follow-up procedures and free consultation for retaining wall management needs.

Affordable Service Packages

We have various pocket-friendly solutions available for you to consider when investing in retaining walls. Each service package we provide comes from several hours of consultation of years of research. While the prices of our services are prone to change, we strive to make them affordable each time. Our team will provide you with free estimates or quotations for each project. We do this to help you make better decisions about the retaining wall services you might require.

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Over Two Decades of Experience

You should realize the importance of choosing an experienced service provider for your property management needs. Having worked in the consumer market for many years, we have various customer requirements and needs.

The immense data and customer experiences we have collected over the years make us a reliable solution for your needs. The track record we have acquired throughout these years helps convert your retaining wall dreams into a reality

Diverse Professional Skills

Aside from retaining walls, there are various other solutions that we can provide for your property management needs. The ability to be dynamic in providing services is one of the main reasons we provide value to consumers.

Each team member in our company specializes in a different field, but they all work together. In this way, each of the projects always produces outstanding results. Some of the services in our list of diverse professional skills include:

Fence contractor services. We provide you with high-quality and secure fences for your property.

Outdoor bars. We can also create outdoor bars to enjoy beverages and even host parties.

Wood deck construction. Our team sources high-end wood products to help create customized decks.

Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Our team also specializes in creating custom and specialized cooking areas.

Regulatory Approved and Certified Company

It’s vital for you to continually invest in a legitimate and legally recognized service provider for each of your projects. Such reasons are why we have a regulatory approved and certified company.

The state of Ohio and the city of Cincinnati recognizes our business, and we have also gone through all the regulator measures needed to run a construction facility.

Our team also has the certifications and training needed to provide meaningful solutions to consumers. We ensure each staff member goes through the training so that your projects always produce the correct results.

As you have noticed, there is more to choosing a retaining wall contractor service than the average person expects.

We at Building Character LLC provide you with such solutions and more.

Give us a call today to get free estimates for your retaining wall contractor project.