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Retaining Wall Contractors Cincinnati

Concrete and Rock Retaining Walls

Are you looking for local concrete and rock retaining wall experts? Look no further! Building a retaining wall for your home, walkway, river area, commercial location, or park is an ideal way to make use of an area that was otherwise unusable. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a concrete or rock retaining wall for your yard.

Why Install a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are also known as landscape walls, and they serve a variety of purposes in your yards. They’re built using concrete, rock, cinder blocks, keystones, wood, natural stone dry stack walls, or a combination of the listed materials. A retaining wall has a variety of uses in your yard, and all of them are related to preventing earth from spilling off a steep slope. Not only will this allow you to have different levels of soil in your yard, but it can also allow you to landscape these levels because it stops erosion and water drainage issues. Let’s talk about each of those more in-depth.

Give greenery a place to grow

If your yard has a steep slope, then having any sort of garden has long been out of the question. Anything and everything you plant is out of the question because it’s at risk of getting uprooted due to gravity. A retaining wall can help with this because they help to create flat patches of land that provide areas to plant whatever you desire.

Prevent water drainage issues

If you’re noticing drowned roots, waterlogged and rotting, or breeding grounds for mosquitos, then it’s time to call Building Character LLC. Retaining walls can help alleviate your water issues by breaking up the levels of your land and redirecting water towards storm drains or other waterways.

Avoid erosion

Erosion happens, especially on land where the soil isn’t firmly packed. However, it can be annoying to have to replant your garden due to errant mud and water eroding down onto them. To maintain the structural integrity of your home, build a concrete or rock retaining wall that can help to channel water down into the proper places and eliminate the risk of erosion.

Make your yard aesthetically pleasing

Retaining walls are an ideal way to divide your backyard. If you want to have space where your kids can play, you can cook out, and you can garden, then this is possible by installing retaining walls. They visually and physically separate your backyard with “zones” for various activities. People will naturally gravitate towards the areas that work best for any given activity. You can also plan to install connecting stairs between each retaining wall area, and this will also create visual interest with a cascading effect.

Before now, you may not have been able to use your sloping backyard at all. If a retaining wall has sparked new ideas and motivation, then it’s time to call Building Character LLC. We’re here to help you create concrete and rock retaining walls that give you options on your land.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Retaining Wall?

After you’ve determined that you need a retaining wall, your next question is likely, “What’s this going to cost me?” There’s no distinct answer because the cost of the retaining wall will vary depending on the requested materials, length and height of the wall, and other specific complications of the land. Plus, most people want their retaining wall to be aesthetically pleasing. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, reach out to Building Character LLC, and we’ll provide a quote for your project.

Types of Retaining Walls

Not all retaining walls are created equal. Often, they’re customized to the landscape for which they’re built. The three most common types of materials used in retaining walls include concrete, masonry, and stone. A combination of these types is also combined depending on factors like location, durability, and aesthetic value. With your contractor, you can decide which type of concrete and rock retaining wall is right for you and your yard.

How to Repair Your Retaining Wall

Is your retaining wall in need of repair? Over time, cracks can form in bricks, stone, or concrete. At Building Character LLC, we believe in building to last and repairing when necessary. Our team is here to assist you as you repair or remodel your property. As with building from scratch, the price of a repair or remodel can remodel depending on the specific area and needs that you’re working with.

Final thoughts

Are you ready to get started on your concrete and rock retaining wall? Request a consultation and have the outdoor living space of your dreams! Give Building Character LLC a call at (513) 592-1103 if you live in Cincinnati. Visit here to learn more.