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Using a telephone and our laptop software, we can measure and estimate the cost of your outdoor living project virtually!

We will send our quote to your email the same day, also we will include other important details about the materials and process we will use to design and build your outdoor living features.

After you review your comprehensive proposal, we can answer all your questions via telephone or video chat, all virtually from the comfort of your own home!

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We here at Building Character LLC. uses cutting-edge technology to perform digital hassle-free quotes you can conduct in the comfort of your own home. Our team of specialists have 20-years in the business, which help make virtual price quotes fast and stress-free.

Your free remote price quote is just one quick telephone call away. Pick up your telephone now and dial (513) 592-1103.

You see, in these uncertain times, you can receive a detailed estimate, all without ever coming into physical contact with our team.

Our priority is the safety and protection of you, our valued clients.

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